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Property And Assets Valuation Services

On a daily basis, we handle valuation for various clients. Valuation is the determination of the worth of a particular in an asset at a particular point in time, by an experienced and qualified Estate Surveyor and Valuer, taking into consideration all underlying economic, social, political etc factors of the market to which the assets being valued is subject. Valuation may be required for a myriad of reasons; for brevity and in order to ensure clarity of purpose, we hereby present short write-ups on the reason or purpose for which your corporation may need our services

Balance Sheet

It is customary that organisations update the book value of their assets as reflected by the straight-line depreciated value in their account; a valuation is therefore very useful in the preparation of financial statements for auditing purposes.


The Nigerian Ports Authority may require our professional advice on the amount for which property should be disposed. On the other hand, the Nigerian Ports Authority may need professional advice on what to pay for a property.


Professional valuation reports on properties given to Financial Institutions such as yours are expert opinion on the value of a property pledged as collateral and act as pointers to what the financial institution will be able to achieve in the event of an unavoidable foreclosure; Such reports have to be updated from time to time.

Assets Registration

A valuation report is very useful / required for record keeping or stock taking purposes. A Register is a vital document of any reputable company and invaluable in the successful management of Assets. It provides a company with a record of assets to date specifying their description, quality, location and state of repair/condition. It aids in planning maintenance and replacement of assets, enhances their security and is essential in assets audit. This probably is the reason why the Nigerian Ports Authority needs a valuation of its assets.